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MACH Technology

Key player in product lifecycle management for products with electronics


From life jacket to IoT roof monitoring

Chris, Vincent and Roland explain how they are turning the traditional world of roofing professionals upside down with an innovative sensor.

With both in-house product development and in-house manufacturing, we devise and produce innovative electronics solutions together with our customers. Our solutions range from concept to end product and are provided with certifications and test tools. MACH Technology Group operates from three locations in the Netherlands, from where we focus on close, sustainable cooperation in the areas of product specification, pricing, sourcing, supply chain and development. With high-quality production from a few prototypes to about 100,000 units, industry- and application-independent.

Mach Technology Group

Electronics | Development | Production

  • Development > 40 engineers
  • 8000 M2¬†Production
    Spread over 3 locations - Risk spreading
  • Small to large production numbers
    from proto to >100,000 pieces production
  • ISO9001, ISO13485, UL
  • Life cycle management
  • Track record since 1932, 1974 and 1977
  • Amsterdam, Katwijk, Rotterdam

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